our Journey


During a change project for a large corporate in the United Arab Emirates 4 years ago, I was asked if I could imagine running a transformation project for a school. I intuitively said yes before I began to think:

Why does a school need such a process at all?

The world is changing faster than ever before, and I started to realize that our children will live vastly different lives than the ones we know today. Based on a research of DELL, “85% Of Jobs that will exist In 2030 haven’t been invented yet“. The biggest challenge on that is, that Schools today are still largely schools ‘as they were 100 years ago’ and that for our children to thrive and for human civilization to flourish in this new era, we need to re:imagine education.

From that moment on I started researching about the status of our educational system … I've read books, attended and talked on different conferences and together with my mentor Holger Beckmann* I started to think about the needs of today's schools and how we can help them to solve their challenges. Holger was a realist and I was a dreamer, but exactly this combination of interdisciplinary and interculturality helped us to see the need for a complete disruption of what children get to do at school. Of course there are a select set of small schools that have started doing things differently but they continue to be far and few. The vast majority continue to struggle with outdated set of skills, syllabi, pedagogy.

With everything we do, we aim to challenge the status quo of Education. We aim to think differently and leave a mark with this project just to make sure that the passion to re:invent school don't go to waste.

* Holger Beckmann, was a passionate educational activist, his journey took him to Munich, Abu Dhabi, Sydney (where he was coordinator of the "International Baccalaureate") or New York (where he was sent to the United Nations School by the Federal Republic of Germany). His last function was as the principal of the Erasmus Frankfurter Stadtschule. Holger Beckmann died on 12 March 2018. He was 59 years old.