our Passion


Inspired by the incredible efforts of students, parents, educators, artists, entrepreneurs and community leaders all around the world to re:imagine the schools of the future, UrbanKomwnad has been launched in March 2014 as an open call to help share all these great ideas and because we believed young people cannot wait any longer for our educational system to change.

Our mission at UrbanKomwnad is to offer sustainable organizational development to every community so that they can re:invent a more powerful, more soulful and more meaningful school culture for the 21st century. And because we believe that great schools for all are a hallmark of every nation, we are carrying that message into homes, schools, and neighborhoods to tell stories that show how innovative and creative high schools can and should be.

UrbanKnowmad is not a typical organization. Inspired by holacracy and other new ways of working, we have a purpose-driven, flat and agile structure. Each project has a core team and contributors, with roles defined around what needs to be done to get us closer to our ambitious mission.

If you are interested to engage to the future of education; now is the time to provide young people with the chance to create their best lives. So if you have a vision, UrbanKnowmad has a way to get you there … we are just an email away: info@urbanknowmad.com