Imagine students in a school that looks and feels like a research lab or design studio, where curiosity is cultivated and students have the opportunity to connect, to collaborate and to learn from different community members


Urbanknowmad is an Education-Lab that wants to re:think the concept of school by disrupting traditional notions of time, place, teaching, and learning. Our mission is to help schools to transform structures, processes and minds to empower Schools to be more powerful, more soulful and more meaningful. Our Vision is designed to demonstrate education in the 21st century will succeed by choosing depth over breadth.

But what is the most innovative school without a living community?

In dynamic environments, where uncertainty and change prevail, players cooperate to learn from different perspectives and build on each others resources to create new forms of value.

Beside our “Purpose, Vision, Strategy & Culture“ program we see us as an ecosystem builder that goes beyond acting as hubs in centralized systems and introducing different entities to one another. We want to identify opportunities in bringing together unfamiliar partners whose spheres of operation would usually not overlap – unlikely allies –  and encouraging them to work together.