In the digital age, art and engineering are no longer contradictory modes of thinking
— G.H. Oettinger, European Commissioner

Our „education garage“ is the space for bold and courageous ideas on the future of learning. This is where educational innovations are identified and processed as impulses.

Together with teachers, pupils and business, we develop ideas for innovative learning arrangements.

The aim is to accelerate the development of sustainable education. 


Based on the impulses of the "education garage", we develop ideas for new learning formats and materials in our "design lab". The ideas developed are worked out, translated into prototypes and tested by the future users.

This enables us to quickly test, evaluate and improve ideas. Throughout the entire development process, we work together with designers, educators and editors on an interdisciplinary basis.


In our specially for children developed and build "EDU Pop-up Space" we offer hands on after school workshops based on our newly designed learning formats.

The workshops are open to all children from the community and led by a young fully qualified team of educators.