UrbanKnowmad is not a typical organization.

Inspired by holacracy and other new ways of working, we have a purpose-driven, flat and agile structure. Each project has a core team and contributors, with roles defined around what needs to be done to get us closer to our ambitious mission


Youssef kasdarli

Youssef is a Project Manager and Strategy Consultant at the intersection of organizational transformation and sustainable development. Living and working somewhere between Berlin, Paris and Abu Dhabi helped him to embrace an understanding for diverse cultures, audiences and opinions.

Youssef is a passionate observer and understanding people and their motivation is the base of his human-centered management approach. By focusing on the why, the what and the how, he helps people and organizations to design, manage and lead their complex projects.


helena sternkopf

Helena has a healthy obsession with everything digital and firmly believes in the meaningful intersection between people, design and technology.

As a human-centered designer she plans, manages and facilitates innovation initiatives alongside organizational partners in business, education and the nonprofit sector.

She is especially interested in gender issues of the tech world as well as critical data literacy and media+maker education for children to advocate for a more critical, but also creative and inclusive way of shaping technology in the future.


hanane benkhallouk

Hanane has 18+ years management experience and she has been actively involved in human capital and entrepreneurship development since her university days in New York city.

Hanane had the privilege to be part of the main team at Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum foundation, where she was in charge of innovation and entrepreneurship programs across the Arab World.

Passion, Proactivity and Persistence, the3Ps that have been driving Hanane Benkhallouk throughout her professional journey.

She aspires to create a positive impact by contributing to the MENA region’s move towards an innovation and knowledge based economy.