Our approach at UrbanKomwnad is to offer sustainable change management consultancy through a step by step methodology



The „education garage“ is the space where we consult schools for bold and courageous ideas on how to regain the status as the center of community. Together with teachers, pupils and local business, we develop ideas for innovative learning arrangements. This happens in the areas of strategy, leadership, agility, new work and business model innovation.


Design & Implementation

In our "design lab" we develop ideas for new learning formats and materials. These ideas to solve real world problems are worked out, translated into prototypes and tested by the hands of the people we are designing for. This enables us to quickly test, evaluate and improve our solutions.



UrbanKnowmads “EDU Pop-Up Spaces” are hands on workshops open to all children from the community where they develop basic skills such as computational thinking (a set of problem-solving methods that involve expressing problems and their solutions in ways that a computer could execute) and storytelling (creating and communicating narratives).



We strengthen the basis of your School by enabling motivated teachers to break new ground. In our coaching courses we expose school’s staff to new ideas and challenges that may inspire future projects and investigations.